lmsensors for Monitoring a Hetzner EX41 with nct6775 on Centos7


I recently rented a new Hetzner Box to replace my old. I moved from EX40 to EX41 and saving even some money every month :-).

Every thing went smooth, but the sensors did not work. I had to use nct6775, but the module from Centos7 said “No Device”. ElRepo to the rescue. They have a nct6775 kmod available, but this module is not compatible with Centos7.4 :-(.

First I had to created a fixed package. I changed only the release-number and the kversion to¬† 693.2.2 instead of 327. The fixed version is available at: https://www.kuehnel.org/nct6775/. I also open a ticket with elrepo: https://elrepo.org/bugs/view.php?id=792. I don’t know how they will fix this. ElRepo uses kABI-tracking kmods and things like that should not happen. We will see.

With this fixed package installed I created the following configuration file (/etc/sensors.d/hetzner) with the help of sensors -u:

chip "nct6792-*"
 label in0 "2V"
 label in2 "3.3V1"
 label in3 "3.3V2"
 label in6 "1V1"
 label in7 "3.3V3"
 label in8 "3.3V4"
 label in9 "1V2"
 label in12 "1.1V"
 label fan1 "fan"

 set in0_min 2 * 0.80
 set in0_max 2 * 1.2
 # Can not set alarms
 #set in0_alarm: 0.000

 set temp1_max 40
 set temp1_max_hyst 38
 set temp2_max 40
 set temp2_max_hyst 38
 #set temp3_input 40
 # PECI Agent 0
 #set temp7_max 40

 ignore in1
 ignore in4
 ignore in5
 ignore in10
 ignore in11
 ignore in13
 ignore in14
 ignore fan2
 ignore temp4
 ignore temp5
 ignore temp6
 ignore temp8
 ignore temp9
 ignore temp10

 ignore intrusion0
 ignore intrusion1
 ignore beep_enable

I can not fix the alarm for 2V (in0), but the rest looks good. Don’t forget to set the setting with sensors -s.

Update 15.10.2017: The module kmod-nct6775 is now update in elrepo directly, so only the configuration file is needed.

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