Todo after a Fedora upgrade

Even with the new fedup tool to upgrade. There are a couple of commands I use always after an upgrade. I suggest you use them too:

  1. yum distro-sync
  2. package-cleanup –problems
  3. package-cleanup –orphans
  4. rpmconf -a -fvimdiff
  5. rpmorphan

Helps to keep your Fedora installation clean.


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1 Response to Todo after a Fedora upgrade

  1. Samson says:

    This isn’t enough.

    rpm -qa &> log.txt
    yum group install gnome-desktop firefox libreoffice –installroot=/test –releasever=18 –downloadonly &> log2.txt

    Abort the yum command after it processess the dependencies. You receive a list of required files for new install through that. Now diff -ruN the installed packages with the required for new install packages. You may be getting rid of another 100-200 mb that way.

    Note. You need to adjust the packages and groups to suit your requirements (kde, xfce, mate). You need to wade through the log2 to get correct filenames with rpm ending before issuing a diff. You can automate that process by writing a one time script, which you can use for later updates.

    Tip: get the names within the listed packages for download from log2. It shows package names and version. Without rpm ending. Strip rpm ending from log1.

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