Enterprise Software

I have seen a lot of broken and bad RPM packages.
From vmware packages that contains one big tarfile and the rpm-postscript uncompressed this into a directory.
To test scripts from Oracle DB 11.2 that does not detect the 32bit libraries from Oracle Linux 6.3 because it looks for i386 instead of i686.

I get used to that. But Hitachi just shot the hoop.

You can not install the Hitachi Software if the rpm is not in /media/cdrom/rpms/,the postscript is over 10000 lines and the x86_64 packages requires 32bit libraries.

I start to think that Enterprise Software is an alias for broken packages and bad software installations.

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3 Responses to Enterprise Software

  1. Pieter says:

    Hahahaha that is so true. And sad…. It’s amazing how crappy that so called Enterprise Software is packaged. It’s like they had a 3 year old create the packages. HP is another fine example of a vendor who just does not seem to care when it comes to properly packaging Proliant software. I know an organization where one person spent oodles of time creating new RPM packages for their HP servers based on the HP Proliant RPM packages ones minus the WTF parts. And I remember hearing a *lot* of wtf, clicketty click, uhm what, really?, seriously WTF?!, clicketty clicketty click. One would think those vendors have the resources to contract an experienced RPM packager or send one of their minions to an RPM Packaging training. But looking at the sad state of affairs I guess not.

  2. I can totally feel with you! … I’ve made the same experience with the VMWare RPMs. But the overall worst package was the CA “enterprise” linux system agent. If you had luck the installation was ok. If not the post cleanup script removed all empty directories system wide!
    … i love “enterprise” software! 🙂

  3. Michael says:

    @Pieter: I actually think the HP ProLiant RPMs are quite good, and they even provide a repo so you don’t have to hunt for them on their horrible website. Or maybe I just have low standards from working too long in enterprise IT… 😉

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