Weekly Series: Tools you need to know

I wanted to write a weekly series for years. A series of all the cool tools that I show to people very  often and allways create a jaw drop. Thanks to Michael for asking the question that reminded me of this.

Today: yum-utils

yum-utils is a great bundle of tools that work with yum and repositories. I only show some programs that I use at least weekly:

  • package-cleanup –problems
    checks if there are some errors.  In RHEL6 and Fedora you can use yum check for that, but this works also for RHEL5 and is faster.
  • package-cleanup –orphans
    show packages that are not available from any repository. Maybe the repository deleted it or it was installed manually.
  • package-cleanup –leaves –all
    shows all packages that are installed and are not a dependency of any other package
  • reposync
    downloads all packages from a repository. Great to create a local copy of a repository. You can even use with rhn channels with -l, but please read the RHEL license before using it to install machines.
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