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If you just need a fast (manual) installation with a certain OS. Instead of downloading the ISO and than start the install. Just use virt-install that will do the download, startup etc. for you.

Yes, I know there are better way with images, but if you want an custom installation this is easiest.

virt-install --install centos8 --name  c8
virt-install --install debian10 --name d10
virt-install --install fedora33 --name fed33
virt-install --install centos7.0 --name c7

Yes, it is Centos7.0 for the current Centos7. Centos 7.8 and Centos7 does not work.
With Centos8 and centos-stream8 it uses a better name.

You get a complete list of supported OSs with osinfo-query os.

If you don’t want to use the default disk, memory or CPU you have to specify it.

Here my test for a Secure-boot TPM Install to test Clevis-TPM.

virt-install -n Secure-boot-test --install centos8 --memory=3072 --vcpu=2 --disk size=60,bus=scsi,sparse=true,discard=unmap --disk size=60,bus=scsi,sparse=true,discard=unmap -w network=default --controller scsi,model=virtio-scsi --boot uefi,loader=/usr/share/OVMF/OVMF_CODE.secboot.fd,loader.readonly=yes,loader.type=pflash,nvram.template=/usr/share/OVMF/OVMF_VARS.secboot.fd,loader_secure=yes --features smm.state=on --tpm model="tpm-tis",backend.type="emulator",backend.version="2.0"
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