Oracle Linux UEK broken


after my post¬†Centos vs. ScientificLinux¬† which included Oracle Linux, I played around with OL6. The default kernel running is the “Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel” (UEK). This kernel is based on 2.6.39 and is currently the only Linux kernel that is supported by Oracle DB 11.

I played around with this kernel for about a day and found a bug. I setup my kvm setup with bonding together 2 ethernet devices and put that into a bridge. Than I installed OL6 into a virtuel machine. Nothing fancy, but when the host is running UEK the network connection doesn’t work correctly anymore. From 100 pings only 5-10 return. dhclient works and I get an IP, but downloading or yum updating is not possible.

Of course is runs with the “RHEL compatible” kernel.

Maybe that is just bad luck, but what other things did they miss? Or is this kernel named unbreakable, because without network no one will attack it?

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  1. Lenz Grimmer says:

    Hi Jens, sorry to hear that you were facing trouble when running Oracle Linux. Feel free to contact me via email about this (I provided my Email address in this comment). If possible, please provide a few more details about what steps you performed.

    My initial suspicion is that the KVM host support in UEK is not on par with what’s provided in the compatible kernel (we ship the stock KVM as included from upstream

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